Most katsu (pork cutlet) fans in Tokyo know the famous restaurant, Tonki. Located about five minutes from Meguro Station, this well-known pork eatery houses a large open station on the first floor, where customers can observe the very making of their food. This setting creates an atmosphere of tradition and dedication to the katsu craft that can be seen up close.

The first time I visited Tonki, I had the privilege of sitting at the counter table where I could watch the chef’s every move. The counters are purposefully low, revealing all the preparation that each katsu goes through. They also have a second floor where private tatami rooms are located.

The menu consists of three varieties of katsu, the Roast (pork loin), Hire (pork filet), and the Kushi (skewered cutlets). All are equally good, but on this most recent trip, all of my family ordered the Roast, and it was worth every bite. The katsu is served steaming hot, fresh out of the fryer. A dash of mustard (also known as karashi), white rice, miso soup, and a side of thinly sliced cabbage are served along with the main dish.

1-1-2 Shitameguro Meguro-ku,
Tokyo Japan 153-0064
Tonki via Yelp