Uncle Boons

With its dark wood interior and brick walls covered in vintage Thai artwork, Uncle Boons is a darkly lit den that’s both charming and inviting located right in the heart of Nolita. We were immediately seated right under a window with hanging plants dangling from the ceiling, a fresh contrast to the restaurant’s dark interior.

To start out our meal, we both ordered a glass of summery cocktails—Naomi got the Watermelon and Campari (watermelon, campari, and Cremant de Loire) and I got the Guava Sour (guava, botanist gin, lime, basil, and St. Germain), which was our favorite. For an appetizer, we got the Pork and Rice Sour Sausage ($8), a delightfully fragrant dish with hints of jasmine rice and other Thai spices that lay atop a bed of spicy cabbage salad. Finally, for our main dishes, we got the Kao Pat Puu ($26 – pictured), a traditional crab fried rice with egg, cilantro, and lime. This dish came with large chunks of real crab (not imitation crab!) and a spicy and tangy side sauce that matched perfectly with the savory fluffy rice. We also got the Massaman Neuh ($25), which came with boneless beef ribs that melted in your mouth—we can imagine had been simmering in a pot for a long time—along with Massaman curry, mini potatoes, red onion, peanuts and green peppercorn. Portions were quite generous, leaving us filled to the brim by the end of our meal.

For the more adventurous, Uncle Boons offers garlic and soy sauce marinated frog legs over glass noodles and another dish with green curry snails – maybe next time!

Uncle Boons
7 Spring Street
New York, NY 10012
(646) 370-6650


New York City offers quite the array of Thai cuisine. But, if you want to switch up your pad thai routine and seek out some authentic taste, head on over to SriPraPhai in Woodside, Queens. This restaurant serves an extensive menu of delectable dishes, ranging from soft shell crab to sautéed watercress, crispy pork belly to roasted duck green curry. But there is no need to feel intimidated. Pictures accompany every dish on the menu. SriPraPhai allows for a sense of adventure in exploring traditional Thai dishes you may have never tasted before.

Amongst the countless items offered, one dish that we enjoyed the most was the papaya salad. SriPraPhai offers three versions; one with seafood, another with crushed peanuts, and the third with crispy ground catfish. We decided to go fancy and order the third variation of the papaya salad, topped with ground catfish and spicy lime sauce. The catfish added a crispy saltiness, perfectly balancing out the acidic sweetness in the dressing. Warning: this dish is quite spicy!

Make sure you take a trip to the ATM before, as SriPraPhai is cash only.

64-13 39th Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377
(718) 899-9599


Over the decades, fusion cuisine has emerged as an innovative style in the contemporary food scene. From Asian fusion to Tex-Mex, the marriage of two or more regions or countries have given birth to many uniquely iconic dishes.

Baoburg located in Greenpoint (originally in Williamsburg) happens to be one of those exciting fusion eateries. A glance at the menu, and you’ll get a dose of Spanish, Thai, French, and many more cultural flavors. Chef Bao Bao who runs the restaurant has an impressive list of accomplishments: serving as a professional cook for the Princess of Saudi Arabia, Cameron Diaz, Janet Jackson, becoming the lead line cook at Soho House Hotel, cooking at Social Private with top chef Tiffany Derry, and much more.

The restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a date or dinner with a small group of friends. We went along with the waiter’s recommendation and got the special of the day, short rib ramen. This dish came with thick ramen noodles, a perfectly boiled egg, fried tofu, fresh greens, and a rich savory broth with a touch of sweetness. The broth together with the tender meat and various other ingredients of the dish offered a delightful silky texture.

614 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-0011