Pintrill x Shake Shack

You may or may not have heard by now, but Pintrill has teamed up with Shake Shack to bring some super cute pins to their already extensive roster. To commemorate this exciting collaboration, a release party was held at on May 24th at the Shake Shack on 1 Old Fulton Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn. There was of course the burger joint’s amazing menu items, (Naomi got the Shack Burger and I got the Shack Stack) but there was also a special dessert that we all were looking forward to. In honor of Pintrill, Shake Shack created a custom Concrete consisting of their chocolate custard ice cream, gooey caramel, and bits of honeycomb all swirled together to form a deliciously sweet and crunchy treat. If you didn’t know, Pintrill’s colors are black and gold, hence the chocolate ice cream with the golden honeycomb. Close enough!

Check out Pintrill’s Shake Shack pins here and make sure to stop by any of the Shake Shack location for some amazing burgers.

Shake Shack Dumbo
1 Old Fulton St
(347) 435-2676
Click here for more locations

Spot Dessert Bar

A sweet tooth? Well, we have just the right place for your sugary appetite, and the added bonus of delighting your visual senses. Spot Dessert Bar located right in the middle of St. Mark’s Place in New York is the perfect site for chocolaty goodness and light fluffy confections.

We had the pleasure of meeting one of the faces behind Spot Dessert Bar, Mark Lee, and got to choose three of our favorite picks from an amazing selection of incredible looking creations. The Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, which Naomi loved, was a cylindrical chocolate cake that when cut in half, oozed with a thick green tea ganache, melding perfectly with the cake and green tea ice cream.

Next came my favorite, The Harvest (pictured above). At first glance, this dish might be mistaken for a table plant. However, this cheeky dessert consists of layers of berries, creamy cheesecake, fluffy meringue, raspberry sorbet, and black rose milk tea with a sprinkle of chocolate crumble to mimic dirt. To top this all off, a few stalks of parsley are nestled into the “dirt” to look like a vibrant green plant. Each bite is a surprise to the senses with sweet, tangy, crunchy, and soft. Lastly, we tried the Golden Toast—something that resembles a sweet breakfast, and which happens to be one of the dishes Spot Dessert Bar is most known for. This dish features a piece of thick toast cut into six pieces, with a generous drizzle of honey. The toast is incredibly crunchy outside and has a fluffy, almost cloud like interior. Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and of course, their specialty condensed milk ice cream are welcome sides to enjoy with this toast.

Spot Dessert Bar Saint Marks
13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003

Spot Dessert Bar Midtown
11 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001