Marvel x Ippudo

Who ever thought super heroes and ramen could coexist in the same stratosphere of a collaborative event? Well, that just became a reality because we’re here to report on the latest Avengers Interactive Ramen pop-up event Ippudo is hosting for two days, from February 25th to the 26th limited to forty seats. Similar to previous events, this was held in their hidden second floor Ramen Bar in their Midtown West location.

Upon entering, we observed staff sporting what appeared to be superhero masks and current Marvel TV series’ posters covering the wall. We were seated and immediately served a delicious brew of Nanbu Bijin Ruten, a premium Ginjo Sake that comes from the northern part of Japan, along with a cute little “Pickled Alien” of baby octopus in sweet and sour brine. We were instructed to dunk the octopus in our sake, similar to how a string of olives would sit in a dirty martini. The combination was a surprisingly delicious bite of sweet and tangy chewy octopus.

Next came the star of the meal, the Avengers ramen. This came with a beautiful three-year aged Iberico pork soup, blended with an organic chicken stock. The aged pork was a representation of Marvel’s founding in 1939, and the chicken soup pointed to Marvel’s “soaring” success in the present day. Another quirky metaphorical dimension to this soup included the Iberico pork broth as “Ironman 1 soup,” and the combination of the pork and chicken soup created, “Ironman 2 soup.” In addition, all the ingredients in this dish stood for a superhero reference. The green noodles represented the “Hulk,” the one strand of red noodle the “Black Widow,” the poached egg the “Arc Reactor” from Ironman, star-shaped fishcakes were Captain America’s shield, the deep fried lamb chops marinated and coated in béchamel were Thor’s hammer, and last but not least, the baguette toast with seafood sauce and garlic sauce represented Ironman 3. With all these ingredients, we were able to enjoy this ramen dish in so many ways. The soup on it’s own was a delicate light broth, but when the poached egg was cracked and the seafood and garlic sauce from the baguette were mixed, it created a beautiful creamy soup that melded perfectly with the fresh green noodles.

We hope that you enjoyed this recap, and keep your eyes peeled for more exciting events to come!

321 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-2500