On a hot summer night in Tokyo, our mother would prepare cold soba noodles with a side of sliced tomatoes. This dinner was simple, but perfect for our waning appetite from the heat. We found our hunger exponentially grow as we slurped up bite after bite.

To be honest, both of us have never enjoyed Japanese food in New York. It’s hard to indulge in a plate of California rolls, or a bowl of green tea sesame soba noodles when we’ve grown up with the real deal for over 10 years. My sister and I can both attest to the times when our cravings for Japanese food would get the best of us. Whether it was an order from Seamless, or a trip to a local Japanese restaurant, we would be left unsatisfied, the mediocre and westernized “Japanese food” rolling around in our stomachs.

However, Soba-ya is an exception. Their handmade buckwheat noodles are prepared with buckwheat flour from Nagoya, a prefecture in Japan where soba is a specialty. We ordered the Ten Zaru soba, a cold noodle dish served with tempura, which is a deep fried japanese dish. The cold noodles had a particular chew to them, and the tempura, fried shishito peppers, shrimp, and shiso leaf were light and crispy. This dish is simple yet filling, perfect for those hot humid summer days.

229 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 533-6966