Santa Salsa

Enjoy a late-night snack of hot dogs and fries at Over the Eight in Williamsburg. Located in the back of the bar is a “food truck” called Santa Salsa where yummy Venezuelan street snacks are served, all of them perfect for those post-drink munchies. Menu options include fried yucca sticks, empanadas, and most importantly, Venezuelan hot dogs.

My sister and I arrived at Santa Salsa for a midday snack. We ordered fries and the Perro Con Todo, which literally translates to “hot dog with everything.” And indeed, this hot dog does come topped with everything you could ever wish for – including onions, cabbage, cheddar cheese, and crushed potato chips. The result, a delicious combination of textures and flavor, crunchy, fresh, and savory. The french fries we ordered were coated with paprika pepper, a simple way to add new flavor and some mild spiciness.

Here’s a little fun fact for those trivia lovers out there. There is much debate surrounding this fact, but the word “hot dog” was said to have originated in 1901 at a polo game held in New York. The vendors selling hot dogs were calling out to customers, “They’re red hot!” Tad Dorgan, a New York Journal cartoonist happened to draw an image of a dachshund sausage in a roll, and since he was unsure how the word “dachshund” was spelled, wrote “hot dog.” Read more about the origins of hot dogs here!

Santa Salsa
234 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237
(347) 365-2710