Pasar Malam

The inside of Pasar Malam will remind you of a street market, and that is precisely what the name implies. Pasar Malam means “night market” in both Malay and Indonesian. The restaurant’s decor is quite befitting to its name with a Roti station where chefs busy themselves with the next order.

There is something quite homey about this restaurant. The cups and plates appear as though they were hand painted different colors and with little flowers. And the food, the food is deliciously exquisite. I ordered the Roti and Beef Rendang (pictured). The Roti was thick and chewy, perfect for dipping into their curry sauce. However, the Beef Rendang was the one dish that caught my taste bud’s attention. The beef was melting-in-my-mouth tender while all the spices worked together to create a rich and full sauce. A perfect combination with a side of white rice.

We also recommend trying their Hainanese chicken, which is fried, an unusual take on this traditional Southeast Asian dish.

Pasar Malam
208 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 487-4576