The first time I heard about Okonomi was on Yelp. I was searching for a new restaurant in my area for a dinner date and stumbled across this unique rarity; a restaurant that serves a traditional Japanese style breakfast.

Okonomi is small and you might almost miss it in passing. However, once you enter this small restaurant, you will feel as though you have entered a Japanese eatery in one of the narrow alleyways in Tokyo.

We were seated at the counter table and given a detailed description of the menu options. Okonomi’s menu is seasonal. That day we were served mackerel, blanched chard, Japanese fried egg (also known as tamagoyaki), radish and cucumber pickles, and a bite of sweet scallop. And of course, all this is accompanied by miso soup and rice. The fish was marinated just right, the pickles, chard, and eggs all had light seasoning, a perfect contrast to the saltiness of the fish and miso soup.

Another thing to note: Okonomi has begun to serve the famous YUJI ramen, which was exclusive to Whole Foods. If you live in the Williamsburg area, now you can enjoy this ramen without crossing the bridge!

150 Ainslie Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

P.S. The ring pictured is the “third eye ring” by Venessa Arizaga available at Opening Ceremony.