Maison Premiere

Summer Fridays are the perfect time to go to Maison Premiere (cheers to the lucky ones that still have some left!). If you make it ten to fifteen minutes before this oyster bar opens for happy hour, you are likely to get a seat in their romantic backyard.

Fresh raw scallops are sweet as they lack the fishiness of their counterparts, making them our favorite shellfish. Maison Premiere serves a beautiful scallop dish that is almost too pretty to eat. Small chunks of meat are served on a large shell with equally charming toppings of pickled rhubarb and a dust of shaved horseradish ice.

Note, it is recommended that you eat the scallops first, as the horseradish ice is fleeting in warm weather. Also this dish is served only in a couple of their shellfish towers, so be sure to ask your waiter for specifics!

Maison Premiere
298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
(347) 335-0446