As the new year unfolds before us, our hope is to continue and share our food adventures and possibly some new ventures of our own with our dear readers. We wish each and every one of you a happy and successful new year!

Without further ado, we would like to introduce a lovely restaurant overlooking Gramercy Park on 21st and Lexington Avenue, a perfect spot to grab some breakfast with friends on a Saturday afternoon. Maialino is an Italian restaurant with an atmosphere of a trattoria, a casual Italian eatery with a rustic charm felt in their decor and food. The restaurant is divided into four sections, the bar, the dinning room, the cucina which acts as a divide and where the barista and salami are stationed, and finally, the private dining room where special events can be held.

With very hungry stomachs, we headed over to Maialino after New Years Day to catch up and enjoy a warm cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast. We ordered the excellent porchetta (roast pork) sandwich consisting of a fluffy ciabatta, two fried eggs, and fresh arugula. This breakfast sandwich comes with thinly sliced pork that is extremely tender and makes it very easy to bite into. Another delightful aspect of this dish was the sunny side up eggs. If you like your eggs runny, you will thoroughly enjoy how the yolk adds a creaminess and a savory kick to this dish. And, if you want to elevate your sandwich to another level, order a side of their incredibly thick and crispy black pepper pancetta, and add a few slices.

Maialino is open for reservations and did we mention they keep the coffee flowing?

2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010