It’s the middle of December, and what better way to kick off the holiday season with some hearty wintry dishes? Naomi and I wanted to try something warm and comforting, but a little bit different than our usual Asian cuisine routine. We decided to head over to Karczma (kar-cz-ma), a restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that serves some solid Polish cuisine.

When you first enter Karczma, you’ll note the interior is outlined with wood work–imagine a cabin in the woods with a fireplace glow. Locals and family alike were enjoying the warm atmosphere of this very cozy restaurant. We started with a White Borstch that came in a thick bread bowl along with a plate of mashed potatoes on the side, sprinkled with thick chunks of bacon. The soup itself had a warm smokey taste, giving it a depth and complexity that immediately warmed up our tastebuds.

Unlike Greenpoint, there wasn’t an abundance of Polish food where we grew up in Tokyo, so we were both very excited to try as many things as possible. We went with the Plate of Polish Specialties (pictured above), which constituted a lot of everything–stuffed cabbage, a fragrant hunter’s stew, crispy potato pancakes, Polish kielbasa (sausage), and finally, three perogis . A thing to note when ordering, these portions lean slightly on the large side. We ended up leaving with some leftovers for lunch!

136 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222