Ippudo X Engineered Garments

As you might have read in our post from several months back, we’re a huge fan of Ippudo. On a very cold Monday night, my sister and I headed to a special event uptown at Ippudo Westside. This special event celebrated Engineered Garments‘s collaborative creation of Ippudo staff uniforms. Find out more about the collaboration here.

After a drink or two at the bar, we were escorted upstairs to find chopsticks and black sleeping masks awaiting us. Once we were served a savory delicious warm katsuo (bonito) and kombu (seaweed) broth called ichiban dashi, we were instructed to cover our eyes and wait for the main course to be revealed.

When finally released from the darkness, we opened our eyes to a very colorful bowl of what looked like Chirashi-sushi (direct translation: scattered sushi). The dish was also accompanied with a side of stuffed squid filled with savory sticky rice. Chirashi-sushi typically has sushi rice topped with a selection of sashimi. However, in this case, instead of the sushi rice, there was a thick layer of ramen hidden beneath a delightful bed of finely shredded omelette, salmon roe and sashimi. When eaten together, the eggs and fish blended well with the thick noodles, giving an equal mixture of sushi and ramen flavor.

EG x Ippudo 3

The texture and weight of the noodles were perfect for tsukemen (ramen eaten with dipping sauce), and as I was commenting on this fact, a bowl of warm broth made its appearance. Tsukemen noodles are usually thicker allowing more surface area to absorb the concentrated ramen broth.

Not only did we enjoy the meal, it was delightful to witness the clever transformation of chirashi-ramen to tsukemen. If Ippudo ever decides to put this “chirashi-tsukemen” on their menu, we are sure that it will be an instant hit!

Ippudo Westside
321 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019
(212) 974-2500