rice ball


With the ever-increasing popularity of Japanese cuisine, we’re seeing a surge of ramen shops and comfort food restaurants popping up around town. In the midst of this food craze, we’ve found the perfect little Japanese café that serves both conventional and unconventional take on the rice ball (in Japanese also known as onigiri), along with quirky side dishes.

Café Hanamizuki is a Japanese eatery that aims to provide wholesome, delicious food in a relaxed environment. Located on 29th street between 6th and 7th Avenue, this tasteful abode is the perfect space to get away from the chaotic streets of New York City. Upon entering, we were struck by the beautiful swooping calligraphy against a white background and vibrant green plants that lined the walls in the back. The counter displayed a variety of triangular rice balls, which one can either order to go or to stay. We both ordered the rice ball combo ($13) that comes with two rice balls, one miso soup, one side dish, and a small plate of Japanese pickles. Between the two of us, we shared the Kinoko (mushroom), Wakame (seaweed), Ume (plum), and Prime Okaka (bonito flakes with soy sauce), all equally well seasoned and fresh. Unfortunately for us, they had run out of the Hawaiian (spam rice ball), which we were originally quite excited to try. We also enjoyed a warm mushroom miso soup, a very interesting  B.L.T. miso soup, cellophane noodle salad, and crunchy pickles. All side dishes harmonized nicely with the rice balls, perfect for a light lunch or a dinner.

Hanamizuki Cafe
143 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001