It’s not everyday that you get to eat at a premium Japanese BBQ restaurant without having to spend all your money. Well, we might have a restaurant in mind that will make this dream come true. Yakiniku Futago, located on 17th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue, offers a choice of high quality meats for an affordable price compared to other BBQ joints in town. We had the lovely opportunity of tasting some of Futago’s delectable dishes, and we are here to share some of our recommendations with you!

Dining at Futago is an experience, a luxurious one. The darkly lit interior is divided into three sections, the bar, the main dining area, and a private dining room. Futago’s goal is for customers to experience the restaurant with their five senses. Each location is designated an atmosphere with specific music and interior design to match—the bar plays jazz music, the main room plays upbeat music suitable for the New York dining scene, the private room plays classical Japanese shamisen music, and even the bathroom has it’s own gentle café-like soundtrack. Other notable mentions include a black bib and a zip-lock bag to protect you and your phone from any unwanted splatter.


Wagyu Special Toro Sushi (pictured above): This dish features two beautiful pieces of beef served up as sushi. The thinly sliced beef is tender and goes perfectly with the tangy ponzu sauce and sticky rice.

Hamideru Kalbi (pictured at the very top): This cut of wagyu beef is probably one of the most tender and flavorful meats you will taste. The piece of meat includes four parts, kalbi, geta, rib shin, and rib maki.

Futago Premium Four Beef : This meat platter includes the tongue (one of our favorite!), filet mignon, skirt steak, and kalbi. It’s a perfectly balanced selection of meat where you get a bit of everything.

Futago is not strictly limited to New York and has restaurants across the globe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Japan where it originated. If you’re in town, we highly recommend you make a visit!

P.S. Naomi thinks it’s a great date spot.

37 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
(212) 620-0225