Tapas culture is proliferant here in New York City and for those of you who love the cuisine, we’ve got something special for you. Despaña, located on Broome Street can be thought of as the deli of tapas. Once a chorizo factory, Despaña has been supplying the ever growing tapas industry in New York since 1998, and has built a name for itself as a respectable and reliable source for authentic flavors and ingredients from Spain.

Despaña is a great spot for a quick sit-down or to-go meal, and for scoring Spanish cuisine staples like chorizo, cheeses, and various premium condiments. We dropped in for a few delicious tidbits, a quick and satisfying solution for lunchtime. I wanted Naomi to try their Picante that I always get, a warm sandwich with spicy chorizo, mahon cheese, basque guindilla peppers, tomatoes and aioli smothered between two pieces of crispy homemade artisanal bread. The spiciness from the chorizo, the tanginess from the pickled peppers, and the creaminess of the aioli make a pretty tasty sandwich combination. We also ordered two sides that resembled a tarting-like creation (pictured). The “Pintxo Boquerones” came with marinated white anchovies and sliced tomatoes, while the “Pintxo Mojama” came with dry cured tuna, goat cheese, tomato, marcona almonds, and olive oil with arrope. Our favorite was definitely the latter, as the cured tuna doused in sweet arrope oil and goat cheese created the perfect marriage.

The eating area in the back corner of the store is never too crowded, but if not, benches outside the store and the nearby Petrosino Square offer alternative seating as well.

408 Broome St
(212) 219-5050