Bunna Cafe

One of the very few vegan Ethiopian restaurants to lay roots in New York City, Bunna Cafe began as a pop-up restaurant in Bushwick as well as participating at Smorgasburg. Today, they’ve settled into a more permanent residence in Bushwick, just walking distance from the Morgan stop off the L train.

We ordered the Feast for Two ($28), which also comes in varying proportions for one, three, or four people. Inspired by the cuisine served during the fasting months according to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the menu focuses on dishes you can share with people. For the Feast, scoops of purple, yellow, green, and orange are placed on top of a soft spongy sourdough flatbread called injera (gluten-free version also available). Each bite created a delicious symphony of spice, salt, and sweetness complemented by the slight sourness of the injera. 

To accompany our main dish, we ordered one Espris ($6) to try as well. The Espris is a delightful creamy beverage of layered mango, avocado, and papaya puree with a dollop of Vimto syrup and a lime wedge to tie it together.

All in all, this ranked high in our book and we highly recommend for those who want to try Ethiopian food or just want a vibrant, healthy and filling meal.

Bunna Cafe
1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237
(347) 295-2227